Substrate: Bamboo Fiber Perforated
Fabric: PVC Wood Grain, Cloth Grain, Stone Grain, Leather Grain, Solid Color
Total Thickness: 25mm
Weight: 1.1KG/m
Specification: 160mm (W) * 3000mm (H); Synthetic Process: PUR Hot Pressing
Installation Process: Tongue and Groove Assembly
Wall Requirement: Rough surface, no need for priming, direct installation
Product Advantages:

Waterproof, moisture-proof, non-deformable, non-fading, B1 flame retardant, environmentally friendly, zero formaldehyde
Strong plasticity, can be bent inward/outward at 90°, can be curved, can wrap around columns
Lifespan over 20 years, E0 environmental protection level, insect-proof
Convenient and quick installation, strong stability in expansion and contraction
Good effect, easy to maintain and clean, breaking traditional dimensions


Large Grille, Small Grille


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